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The Liberal Education Society : 

Hadas CBSE School is a dream project of the Libral Education Society, Nagpur. The society was established in 1942 with a sole aim to render services to the humanity at flar by establishing quality educational institution.

Aims and Objectives :

The school aims at the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development of the child. With this dynamic approach school focuses on academic excellence and all round development, to face the challenges of life with confidence. School also believes in inculcating right values to create physically and morally strong human resource and developing a human society.

Generations of Experience in Education Now for Your Child

“One child, one teacher,
One book and one pen
Can change the world”
- Malala Yousafzai

This is the philosophy we proudly carry at Hadas CBSE School. Envisioned by BAPUSAHEB HADAS in 1942, Liberal Education Society introduced a new venture in 2011 from grade 1. Today School is having grade 1 to 8 under the gracious guidance of Dr. A.P. JOSHI SIR.

With the grace of our management members, HADAS CBSE SCHOOL has shifted to new ambience. The affiliation number is 1130642. 

The calm and spiritual ambience provides an ideal environment for holistic development of children.

The school is a micro some of the world where pupils from different background are nurtured with love and care. Their ethical, intellectual and spiritual development is taken care of; by dedicated faculties.

Modern India has embraced the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education to render overall growth for children and wards. Understanding this desire of parents and in tune with the current situation, HADAS SCHOOL commenced CBSE wing in 2011. Ever since, the school has not looked back.

In academic year 2016 - 17 the construction of a separate and well designed building was initiated and 2017 saw coming up of two floors of classrooms, library and other infrastructure, followed by affiliation by CBSE Board. This was a giant leap and testimony to the commitments of teachers and all staff of the school, and the robust support of Dr. A. P. Joshi, Secretary of Liberal Education Society. 

The school lays Emphasis on high standard of academics and overall development through music, art and craft as well as quizzing. Swimming and Basket-ball are the sports introduced with kind permission of Secretary. Our school has introduced different clubs like Science Club, Nature & Eco Club, Quiz Club, social club, art & craft club, with the focus on nurturing champions of the future. Flashes are already visible.

Our academic year always have started with great enthusiasm in academics as well as in CCA. Many activities and events are conducted in school for the holistic development of our students. The school not only pays attention to academic excellence but also motivate students to be lifelong learners. For this, exposure was given through various competitive exams. Various Olympiad exams, junior I.A.S. exam are conducted throughout the year in which our students won medals.

Many activities and events were conducted in school for the overall development of our students. The school not only pays attention to academic excellence but also motivate and empowers students to be lifelong learners and productive members of ever changing society. 

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