Admission open details for Nursery  K.G 1 K.G II and  1st to 10th STD

We believe “Education is not about making a living; it’s about making a life.”

Through this philosophy we try to evolve our small homosprituals from homosapiens. 

Children at this tender age have pure mind that are just opening up to the outside world.

It is important that the right seeds are sown at the right time to evolutes them to create a better world tomorrow.

Children need to be thought to live in unity and not pay heed to the artificial divide between the rich and poor, between the low and high created by the society.

It is only than that they will become healthy pillars of society and that is what we Hadas English Medium School trying to do.

All the society members and community are rendering their services and with commitments to Hadas English Medium School.

Alumni and parents are giving technical support.

So sahayog + sanghantan + safalta is our motto.

I extend my graduated to our management members, staff and parents without whom this journey is not possible.

Dr. Prajakta Shukla/Gangakhedkar
Hadas CBSE School